Hi, I'm Sue

I grew up in a DIY home.  What I mean is my mother was the Queen DIYer of the universe. At that time I don't think DIY was even a real word… but today you hear it everywhere! 

Like many of us, our love of DIY came from the women in our lives who taught us early on the beauty of repurposing something unused or unloved, and turning it into a cherished part of our home. 

I started out painting furniture in a local Arkansas flea market that I picked up from yard sales. It was then that I found my love of paint. I was in love with the way you could transform an old piece of furniture nobody wanted into something beautiful with just some paint.   This is how Brushes and Beyond was born. 


Soon after my love for painting emerged, I found my true passion in traveling and teaching Paint Parties. I now have a small shop next to my home where I still paint, but Brushes and Beyond has evolved into so much more. I still love to paint, but I now get to  teach, create, and design tools for the DIYers, shop owners, and vendors of the world. I have found my happy place and it is beautiful! 

Some fun facts . . . 
  • I married my high school sweetheart a month before I turned 17. We just celebrated 36 years! 

  • I am a mom to 3 amazing grown children, who have given me 5 precious grand babies! 

  • I believe I am very blessed! 

  • I live in a farmhouse in the country that we were lucky enough to build. 

  • I am a child of my Heavenly Father . . . without Him nothing else in my life would matter.           I thank Him for giving me this gift of creativity and most of all for the desire to share it with others. 

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